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Separately Managed Account Strategies 

Owning individual equities can support many wealth planning goals

For many clients, we manage individual equities in separately managed accounts. We use the recommendations of outside investment managers with expertise in large, small, mid-cap and international equities. Clients benefit from the recommendations of these best-in-class outside managers along with the added flexibility, control and tax advantages of owning individual securities.

When you work with us a local portfolio manager is part of your wealth management team. They handle the day-to-day management of your investments including buying and selling securities based on your objectives. They leverage the research and recommendations of expert outside money managers and tailor those recommendations to your situation.

For example, if you have concentrated equity positions, your portfolio manager may avoid similar additional investments. The flexibility of the separately managed account, along with the guidance of the portfolio manager, gives you the opportunity to accomplish specific objectives like socially responsible investing. Your portfolio manager also considers your tax situation when making recommendations. Wash sales can be avoided and taxable events can be managed according to your priorities. 

Your portfolio manager applies the recommendations of outside investment managers in the way that best meets your goals.

When we select outside money managers, we leverage the expertise of an outside due diligence partner. The Bremer Asset Management team also reviews the outside manager’s investment approach, research capabilities and expertise, along with their due diligence program. Selections are made based on suitability for our clients.

Depending on your objectives, mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds may be a suitable complement to the individual equities in your separately managed account. This strategy may further diversify a portfolio and provide additional flexibility to meet your individual wealth planning goals. 

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