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Mutual Fund Model Strategies

A portfolio based on mutual fund models may best meet your planning goals 

Each mutual fund model is made up of an assortment of specially selected mutual funds. The mutual funds are each highly-diversified and the weighting of funds is based on the model’s objectives. We offer mutual fund models to meet the full range of investment objectives from conservative to aggressive.

Our mutual fund models are diversified based on asset class, investment style and market capitalization. We also consider other market factors. The goal of each model is to deliver competitive returns balanced with risk that is in line with the model’s objective.

Mutual fund models are based on our asset allocation research and our capital market assumption for each asset class. Our assumptions consider expected returns, risk and correlations among asset classes as well as our insight into the behavior of the capital markets.

To mitigate risk we also factor in the possible effect of extreme market scenarios. We monitor these variables and adjust each model as often as necessary to maintain the balance of risk and return that’s appropriate for the model’s objective. 

Models using exchange traded funds are available for many investment objectives. The passive investment approach of exchange traded funds may best meet certain wealth planning goals.

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