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Fixed Income Management 

Bonds can be an important component of a diversified portfolio 

We select the type of fixed income investment that's appropriate for your objectives. We construct your portfolio to meet your cash flow requirements and other objectives. We operate efficiently to minimize your expenses.

If minimizing income taxes is not one of your primary objectives, a portfolio of taxable bonds constructed using a total return approach may be a good fit for your portfolio. We may invest in U.S. Treasuries, agency or corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities with maturities appropriate for your goals.

If minimizing or eliminating income taxes is one of your primary objectives, we will construct a portfolio of tax-exempt government and corporate bonds to provide you with the best after-tax yield considering your state of residence and tax situation.

We actively manage your portfolio and through credit analysis continue to look for opportunities to enhance yield and minimize risk. Through ongoing evaluation of maturities, sectors, issuers and ratings, we may rebalance your holdings to ensure your portfolio remains in line with your objectives

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